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Towards a Marine Use Plan for Haida Gwaii: A Discussion Paper
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Published in November 2007 by the Council of the Haida Nation, this discussion paper lays the foundation for a Marine Use Plan for Haida Gwaii. It will be up to this generation to take action so that the marine area around Haida Gwaii will sustain families, economies and cultures for generations to come.

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Reflections of the Sea Around Haida Gwaii
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The context of these ‘reflections' lies in dialogue that Islanders have had about marine issues over the past few years – informal conversations, interviews and workshops. In this document, I have tried to accurately reflect the thoughts, concerns and needs that I have heard Islanders express. It is my hope that these reflections will begin to lay foundations for an Islands' grown Haida Gwaii Marine Strategy whose first consideration is Haida Gwaii and the people who live with it.

~ Lynn Lee, October 2004

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Marine Issues Summary July 2004
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Brief summary of issues and themes emerging from the December 2002 Island-wide workshop on marine planning.

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Deep Blue
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By Lynn Lee
Originally published in the July 2002 issue of Spruceroots Magazine, a Haida Gwaii journal found at

It is hard to appreciate that which lies beneath the ocean waves. There is an intensity of life that puts this terrestrial world to shame. For many, even though we are surrounded by saltwater, the ocean is just something we look at and admire - its changing colour, the patterns of wave and wind that move across its surface. Some people do have a strong connection to the sea by virtue of culture, livelihood or the time spent as children at the seashore. But by the same token, many don't think about what goes on beneath its surface, for in those deep blue waters, spineless creatures, fishes and mammals thrive in ecosystems that are the most ancient on the planet.

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Creative, Headstrong and Driven
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By Lynn Lee
Originally published in the October 2003 issue of the Marine Matters Bulletin.

Here I sit in my office, Ani deFranco sings about a goldfish and his castle that is a surprise every time, and I wonder at the irony of how trying to conserve nature requires so much time inside. Beyond my small window, the spruce trees sway to the rhythm of a southeaster and the alders surrender their leaves to its tempestuous breath. Further afield, the ocean surface beats to the rhythm of the storm. All appears to be well on this autumn day.

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