Gwaii Haanas

Parks Canada has an office in Skidegate dedicated to Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site (Gwaii Haanas). Gwaii Haanas is cooperatively managed by the Council of the Haida Nation and the Government of Canada through the Archipelago Management Board (AMB) that has equal representation from both governments.

A National Marine Conservation Area Reserve has recently been established for the marine area surrounding Gwaii Haanas. Gwaii Haanas and the Parks Canada Western Service Centre conduct marine research and inventory ranging from physical oceanography to site specific dive surveys to baseline inventories.

Specific to Haida Gwaii, Gwaii Haanas is working on a series of comprehensive baseline marine biological inventories for the Islands. Five have been published as of 2006 as Parks Canada Technical Reports in Ecosystem Science Living Marine Legacy of Gwaii Haanas series:

  • I: Marine Plant Baseline to 1999 and Plant-related Management Issues • Report 027 March 2000
  • II: Marine Invertebrate Baseline to 2000 and Invertebrate-related Management Issues • Report 035 December 2001
  • III: Marine Bird Baseline to 2000 and Marine Bird-related Management Issues throughout the Haida Gwaii Region • Report 036 December 2002
  • IV: Marine Mammal Baseline to 2003 and Marine Mammal-related Management Issues throughout the Haida Gwaii Regions • Report 038 December 2003
  • V: Coastal Zone Values and Management around Haida Gwaii • Report 042, 2006

All five volumes of the Living Marine Legacy of Gwaii Haanas can be found in each of the public libraries on Haida Gwaii. To have a pdf copy mailed to you, please contact Gwaii Haanas at: 250-559-8818.

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