Many resources were drawn upon in developing the Marine Matters Oceans Education Curriculums. A number of these are used in delivering the programs to school classes. References to these educational resources are listed below.

Reference List

Marine Education Books

Anon. 1995. Project Wild Activity Guide. Western Regional Environmental     Education Council: Canada.

Arntzen, H. D. Macnaughton, B. Penn and G. Snively. 2001.
    Salish Sea: A Handbook for Educators. Parks Canada: Victoria, BC.     ISBN: 0-660-18596-2.

Francis, K. and F. Jamieson. Beside the Sea: Beach Studies for the     Intermediate Program. Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Nanaimo, BC.

Mason, Adrienne. Oceans.

Snively, G. 2001. Once Upon a Seashore: A Curriculum for Grades K-6.     Kingfisher Press, BC. (including Ocean Animal Clue Cards)

Snively, G. 1998. Beach Explorations: A Curriculum for Grades 5-10.     Oregon Sea Grant Program and Washington Sea Grant Program.     (including Pacific Coast Information Cards)

VanCleave, J. Oceans for Every Kid.

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Marine Life & Ecology Books

Amos, William H. 1966. The Life of the Seashore. McGraw-Hill Inc.

Baldwin, R. and D. Dyer. This is the Sea that Feeds Us.

Cacutt, Len. 1992. Nature Facts: Fishes. Colour Library Books Ltd.     Cannings, R., S.

Cannings S., and M. Westman. 1999. Life in the Pacific Ocean. Douglas     and McIntyre Publishing Group.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada. 1999. Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises of     BC.

Harbo, R.M. 1999. Whelks to Whales. Harbour Publishing: Madeira Park,     BC.

Kozloff, E.N. 1993. Seashore Life of the Northern Pacific Coast: An     Illustrated Guide to Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and     British Columbia. University of Washington Press: Seattle, Washington.     ISBN: 0-295-96084-1.

Love, M., M. Yoklavich and L. Thorsteinson. 2002. The Rockfishes of the     Northeast Pacific. University of California Press: Berkeley, California.     ISBN: 0-520-23438-3.

Niesen, T.M. 1997. Beachcomber’s Guide to Marine Life of the Pacific     Northwest. Gulf Publishing Company

Paine, S.H. 1999. Beachwalker. Douglas and McIntyre Ltd.: Vancouver,     BC Pearse, V., J.

Pearse, M. Buchsbaum and R. Bushsbaum. 1987. Living Invertebrates.     The Boxwood Press: Pacific Grove, California. ISBN: 0-86542-312-1.

Ricketts E.F., J. Calvin and J.W. Hedgpeth. 1985. Between Pacific Tides     5th edition. Stanford University Press: Stanford, California.

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Fernandes, H. and E. 1986. Ordinary Amos and the Amazing Fish.     Western Publishing Company.

Kite, Patricia. The Sea Slug.

McDonald, M. Is This a House for Hermit Crab?

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BioMedia Associates. The Biology of Series: Comprehensive Visual     Resource on Living Organisms available from

  • The Biology of Arthropods
  • The Biology of Annelids
  • The Biology of Cnidarians
  • The Biology of Echinoderms
  • The Biology of Molluscs
  • The Biology of the Seashore

Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Bowie Seamount Files and Videos.

Geological Survey of Canada. Hecate Strait/Queen Charlotte Sponge     Reef raw submersible video footage.

Gwaii Haanas National Parks Reserve and Haida Heritage Site. 2004.     Gwaii Haanas: From Earth to Ocean.

Gwaii Haanas National Parks Reserve and Haida Heritage Site. BC     Moments marine clips.

Haida Gwaii Abalone Stewards. Abalone Haida Gwaii.

National Film Board of Canada. Estuary. (order # C 0179 174)

Sony Wonder. 1996. See How They Grow: Sea Animals for footage of a     pipefish, hermit crab, ray, and cuttlefish. Available from

This Pretty Planet of Tom Chapin Live in Concert singing the “Good     Garbage” song.

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Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council. Resource     Pamphlet Think Don’t Throw. Honolulu, Hawaii.

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