Scallop Commercial Fishery

Scallop Supply 1980 to 2002

Shellfish fishery catch data is based on Stock Assessment harvest logbook program summaries provided by DFO & relevant Pacific Stock Assessment Review Committee (PSARC) papers. Geographic data is based on commercial catch reported by DFO fishery management subarea, NOT on actually fishing locations associated with each fishery. Click here to find out more about the commercial catch data and map analysis.
Elevation & Bathymetry base maps are courtesy of Gowgaia Institute.

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Weathervane scallop • Patinopecten caurinus
Commercial Catch in metric tonnes
Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands

This graph represents the commercial catch data used to derive the yearly catch maps. Click on each year to see the scallop supply for that specific year. The Purple blocks represent UNDISCLOSED commercial catch supply, the total catch within all subareas where catch data was not provided due to DFO confidentiality guidelines. Red blocks represent HIGH supply area, the highest catch subareas that make up the first 40% of the total annual catch for all subareas with catch information. Orange blocks represent MODERATE supply areas, the subareas that make up the next ~40% of total annual catch. Yellow blocks represent LOW supply areas, the subareas that make up the final 20% of catch. A larger, more detailed version of the catch graph is also available.

Download detailed catch graph [pdf • 15kb]

  • Note that colours in the graph above correspond to the yearly supply maps only and are NOT representative of the supply distribution for the all years 1980 to 2002 map. See data analysis for details.